• Neutra-Safe Rust Remover is a powerful oxidation remover designed for use on steel, iron, cast iron and copper & aluminum. Neutra-Safe Rust Remover is a concentrated aqueous solution designed to remove rust and oxidation safely and economically.
  • Neutra-Safe Rust Remover easily works in the nooks and crannies and all other wet areas, eliminating the need for mechanical removal. Neutra-Safe Rust Remover saves money and time by eliminating the need for time-consuming sanding and grinding, not to mention labor costs.
  • Neutra-Safe Rust Remover can be used again and again as it works on self replenishment system.


Safe & easy to use

examples rust removal
  • No significant dimensional changes
  • Attacks only Rust
  • Safe pH for hands & parts
  • No Blackening
  • Safe for workers
  • Easy to Use (Dip for 1 minute)
  • No Scrubbing or Rubbing
  • Cost Effective
  • Inhibits re-rusting
  • Safer than using Acids


More than 4,000 of happy customers

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  • Dip rusted part in the solution for a few minutes. Flash rusted parts may take up to 10 minutes and very highly rusted parts may take from an hour to several hours.
  • Parts will not tarnish as in acid solutions and can remain in the solution for days.
  • Dipping is by far the best method as the solution only reacts with rust and there is no interaction with metal surface. The rust is selectively bound to rust remover molecules and removed into the solution.
  • After taking part out of the Neutrasafe solution rinse with fresh water or neutralizing solution (Rust -X NN100) and then apply Rust Preventive oil.

Neutra-Safe In Action

  • Clear Neutra-Safe solution and part dipped in Neutra-safe

  • Rust Pulled out in Neutra-Safe and colour changing around the part

  • Further Rust pulled solution colour changed


Who we are & what we do

Flash Rust less than 1 minute
2-3 Day old Rust = 2-3 minutes
Few months old Rust = 10 minutes
Very Heavy Rust = 3-4 Hours

Neutrasafe is available in USA, Europe, Australia, India, China, Dubai

Ask us how to work with Neutrasafe for  safe and fast rust removal.

Neutra-Safe selectively attacks only rust and not the metal. The rust is pulled out of the metal into the solution and you can see it working. The solution goes from transparent to yellow and brown as the rust molecules are pulled into the solution.

There is no significant change in the dimensions of the part and re-rusting is inhibited.