National Bank is the sixth largest bank in Canada (Big Six) and has its headquarters in Montreal. I know Aventura, Aeroplan costs me 75k points to get to ASIA, but Asia Miles is only 60k points… therefore something like the RBC Avion sounds more attractive in terms of flight point costs…. 6 free lounge passes are the most you’ll get from a credit card with a fee of $150 or less. Thanks for all this great info. Can you provide a pro/con TD vs SB infinite cards. What contracts says is: Où on doit envoyer les deals et les astuces: Andrew est le cofondateur de Flytrippers. My question is this, what designates 75% of travel being charged to the card? Well, you could simply apply for a different credit card with no foreign transaction fees such as the Home Trust Card or the Rogers World ELite Mastercard around the 8 month mark. Carte Aventura CIBC Visa. I definitely value lounge passes. If you shop at a place that takes Amex then the Cobalt or Scotiagold Amex are valuable. Since you like to travel, the 6 yearly lounge passes are a nice bonus. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card is a good all-ine-one travel card since it has lounge access, no forex fees and good travel insurance. Faire une demande de carte Aventura CIBC Visa. 100 Scotiabank Rewards points = $1 in redeemable travel so it’s like a cashback program. 30-second take. Sinon, la carte Mastercard Rogers Platinum est la seule autre qui ne charge pas de frais à l’étranger, mais elle n’a rien d’autre d’intéressant et il y a un gros bémol… voir la prochaine section. The travel insurance benefits of this card are quite impressive. Apply now for the C I B C Aventura Visa Card. A scotiabank employee has been trying for 2 days to get this list and has had no luck! Pour obtenir la prime de bienvenue, vous devez porter 1000$ d’achats à votre carte dans les trois premiers mois (comme c’est presque toujours le cas avec les plus grosses primes de bienvenue), donc assurez-vous de garder quelques plus grosses dépenses ou arrangez-vous avec vos proches pour passer quelques-uns de leurs achats sur votre carte, ça devrait être assez facile à atteindre. What type of cards would be a good fit for my lifestyle and helps me earn the most out of what I do? Je prends la chance je faire ma demande, de payer 139$ annuel et d’attendre de voir si j’aurai mes 25000 points dans 3 mois? GameStop (US EB Games) counts as the Entertainment category and so does my monthly recurring game subscription to Final Fantasy 14 charged in US Dollars. I have a few questions wrt the Scotiabank passport credit card: If you’re 65 or older, you get 10 days of coverage which is also impressive considering the standard is 4 days. Yes, good catch. Si ce n’est pas votre cas, les meilleures cartes côté prime de bienvenue en ce moment sont la BMO Rewards, la AMEX Or (ou la AMEX Cobalt si vous dépensez beaucoup mensuellement). So sounds like I should get the Passport Visa now in addition to my current Gold Amex so I’ll have both (and only spend with the Visa one for the first few months to ensure I get the sign up bonus). Je cherche actuellement une carte non Amex (j’en possède deja deux) avec des bonnes recompenses voyage et que je puisse utiliser pour mes dépenses courantes. Visa Infinite. Main attraction of this card is to allow me to apply rewards to my (travel-related) purchases directly. Est-ce que d'après vous la CIBC Aventura Or Visa pourrait être une bonne carte pour les voyages gratuits? I confess I am super lazy abut research so just want one good all around travel card, with travel rewards and insurance perks at the top of the list. ), vous pourrez ravoir votre argent. For example, the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card has a welcome bonus worth $250 and it also has no foreign transaction fees. Retournez à notre article avec les meilleures cartes de crédit au Canada. On a un article détaillé sur comment débloquer les primes de bienvenue de cartes de crédit, avec des trucs bien pratiques qui vont vous aider à le faire. I was in this situation. C’est ta carte Priority Pass qui va te donner accès aux lounges, pas la Scotia. Pour commencer. After looking things over again, I think the best option for me is the home trust preferred visa, due to it being directly cash back at 1%, versus the scotia rewards points, which has most purchases giving back only 1% in scotia rewards points. If you have already enrolled, please login to access the member website. But your points have a fixed value where as Amex MR and Aeroplan, you can get a lot of value for your points depending on what you’re redeeming for. You’re better off using your points for travel where 25,000 points works out to a $250 travel credit when booked through Scotiabank’s travel service. I am on and it calculates that you need 125-150 points for every $1 redeemable as credit. It should be no surprise that the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card is on my list of the best credit cards with lounge access. I came across your blog when searching for no foreign exchange fees credit card. Visa Platinum, Signature & Visa Infinite Credit Card Benefits. I like how this card gives you a decent earn rate at 2 Scotia Rewards points per $1 spent on eligible grocery, dining, entertainment, and transit purchases. Thanks. I used your referral link. 1. which airline company does the points connected to? Pour faire ça simple, votre prime de bienvenue de 30 000 Points vous donne 300$ de crédit-voyage hyper flexible, c’est-à-dire que vous pouvez l’utiliser sur toute dépense qui code en tant que catégorie voyage aux yeux de Scotia. I just got this card. But I also love the idea of the amex benefits. What is iCard Visa Infinite, its Benefits and Privileges? Et ne manquez pas notre article sous peu sur les trucs pour économiser sur l’échange d’argent en voyage (abonnez-vous à l’infolettre gratuite ici pour toutes nos aubaines et astuces). Can i use one pass and have them enter for free? I plan on writing about it later. Hi Barry … yet another question for you and thanks in advance!!. Bonjour, avez-vous regardé la carte Mastercard Odyssée World Elite de Desjardins? If you have two separate cards, I don’t believe you can combine points. Les cartes de crédit comme la Visa Infinite et Or vous permettent d’obtenir 15 000 Points Aventura en bonus de souscription dès le premier achat. Your travel medical covers you for trips of 28 days or less if you’re under the age of 65. Thanks! I thought having 2 cards with awesome benefits using the same program may be a good combo. Bonjour! You’ll collect 1 Aventura Point for every $1 you spend on gas, groceries and other daily essentials and 1 Point for every $2 you spend on everything else. Par exemple, il y a en fait une autre carte qui vous offre ce même avantage, la Rogers Mastercard, qui n’a pas d’autres avantages. Another “free” cashback card is the Tangerine Money-Back card. Once you have the Scotiabank Passport Visa, there’s really no point in keeping the HomeTrust card. I also carry a Tangerine cash-back card and receive 2% back on groceries, restaurants and reoccurring bills (the only categories I use the Tangerine card for). Do they consider that as being the 100% cost of the flight for the insurance purposes? 4. PC Optimum Insiders Review | Get 25,000 points ($25) for free, 20,000 Scotia Rewards points when you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months, Priority Pass Standard Membership + 6 free visits per year, Earn 2 Scotia Rewards points per $1 spent on eligible grocery, dining, entertainment, and transit purchases, Earn 1 Scotia Rewards point per $1 spent on all other purchases, Annual bonus of 10,000 points ($100 value) if you spend a minimum of $40K per year, Included travel emergency medical, delayed and lost baggage, and trip cancellation / trip interruption insurance, Rental car collision / Loss damage insurance included, Hotel / Motel Burglary insurance included, Travel medical – $1,000,000 for 25 days / 10 days if you’re 65 or older, Trip cancellation/trip interruption – up to $2,500 per person / $10,000 total, Delayed and lost baggage – up to $1,000 / 4 hours, Common carrier travel accident – $500,000, Auto rental collision / loss damage – 48 consecutive days / $65,000, You’re a Canadian citizen or are a permanent resident, You have a minimum annual personal gross income of $60,000, You haven’t declared bankruptcy in the past 7 years, You’re at least the age of majority in your province or territory, Your home address matches your credit report home address. Ever since then I buy rental insurance($29 per day) to avoid similar trouble. $ 2,200 Cdn ) . C’est vraiment génial comme petit luxe, surtout quand on voyage beaucoup. Thanks! Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card Review If you are hoping to get rid of your high-interest credit card debt fast, look no further than the ... Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0 Any thoughts on which one is preferable? Technically speaking the cheapest way would be to use a USD card and pay it in USD. But some vacations early in 2019 will come up for sure! […]. Both cards earn you Scotia Rewards points but the Amex card gives you 5 points per $1 spent on eats and entertainment. I just got this card about a month ago, and the service has been awful. Privacy, Data Protection and Cookie Policy. The Home Trust card is a good choice if you want no fees. HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card | Travel rewards - HSBC SG. Can I use Scotia rewards points to pay for taxes on an Aeroplan redemption? I feel that if I use the lounge (my wife and I) just twice, its already pays for the fees of that year, let alone the rewards. Bonjour, si j’ai une carte me donnant accès aux lounges d’aéroport, est-ce seulement pour mon accès personnel ou je peux être accompagnée pour quelqu’un qui n’a pas ce genre de carte? Haven’t tried redeeming points yet though. With this card you earn 2 points for grocery, dining, entertainment, and transit purchases which should be pretty straightforward. I actually liked using their travel service and did it for the 25 years I’ve had the ScotiaGold Passport Visa (not the same as the infinite) because you got 5% extra back on trips booked through the service. I was referring to this page from scotiabank: As you know, the Gold Amex has higher multipliers so its one heck of a card so should you get the passport card now or wait a year? Thank you. What does it mean by no blackout dates? This seems to be Scotiabank’s exchange rates. C’est absolument illogique de ne pas avoir au moins une carte avec d’excellentes assurances gratuites comme celle-ci (ou toutes les autres où c’est écrit «excellentes assurances» dans notre article sur les meilleures cartes de crédit) si vous voyagez le moindrement souvent. You have to wait for the Scotiabank card to arrive and go online to Priority Pass to sign up. You do get 25,000 points as a sign-up bonus and can convert 21,000 points into a statement credit of $150 according to this page In the end, youjust gotta choose what makes more sense for you. Any thoughts, notes on disadvantages or tips? J’ai commandé deux cartes, soit RBC avion et j’ai acheté un vol pour Singapour. J’ai commandé la carte Scotia infinit pour obtenir les lounges, des hôtels, et les assurances de 25 jours. I would like to have a card that helps to accumulate points that can be used for travel and a card that can earn a high cashback. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card has no forex fees so you’re paying Visa’s midmarket rate whenever you make a purchase in a foreign currency. Now if you just want a card with no foreign transaction fees, you may want to check out this post, I wouldn’t say a significant amount and I do have lounge access through another Amex, though will close that card before the annual fee is up. I am looking for CC with access to Priority Pass Membership + Free visits (Primary Req). So I would suggest be very careful if you use this card for Car Rental. Thank you and keep up writing the good reviews! Thanks again for the reply, you’ve certainly clarified some things. Bonjour, l’accès aux lounges n’a rien à voir avec quelle carte tu utilises pour l’achat, donc pas de problèmes C’est un bénéfice de la carte Scotia Passport: si tu as la carte tu as droit à 6 accès par année dans le réseau Priority Pass. Thanks for sharing all the data points about US merchants. This card also comes with a free SPC membership, purchase protection, car rental insurance and a generous welcome offer. Credit cards likely take 2 years from concept to market so I wouldn’t be surprised if Marriott comes out with a new card in late 2018 or 2019. You need to opt out of the optional insurance from the car rental provider for your Scotiabank policy to be valid. So then I ordered the Scotiabank VISA and had it in 5 days – you have to go to a bank to get it. Ce n’est pas le membership illimité que donne notre carte American Express Platinum, mais c’est vraiment très bien. My thought process with the scotia program was that I can earn points faster, earn the same points with both cards, not the strongest program but but better than using 2 separate programs. Will certainly apply through your referral link if I do go ahead with the card. Scotia a également sa propre agence de voyage, là vous pouvez réserver directement avec eux et peut-être en avoir un peu plus pour votre argent (en échange de moins de flexibilité probablement), en toute honnêteté je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de l’essayer. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card is a much […], Would you suggest applying for both the Scotiabank Gold Amex and the Passport Visa Infinite? Yes, I agree that this card with the lounge access can be really beneficial for those people who already collect Scotia Rewards. Is the Areoplan program that much better than the Scotia rewards? The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite offers 25,000 Scotia Rewards points after spending $1,000 in the first three months. 3. There are no blackout dates or seat restrictions. Plus, as a Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite credit cardholder you are always eligible to earn an annual 10,000 Scotia Rewards point bonus when you spend at least $40,000 in everyday eligible purchases annually on your Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite account. CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Review - Money We Have. I was told that Scotiabank does have a higher exchange rate than visa or mastercard, and that is what the card would be using. Oui la carte vous donne un membership au réseau Priority Pass et 6 passes, donc seuls les lounges Priority Pass fonctionnent. It’s really up to how the merchant is classified in the Visa system. I ordered the Home Trust VISA card and after applying it said it will take 4+ weeks to get the card due to the fact they are so busy. S domestic terminal scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura be used per person but kids under the age of are. Scotia Momentum Visa Privilege all your purchases made in a lounge for 5 hours with no questions asked the but. I do go ahead with the Rogers World Elite de Desjardins than 4 income.... In foreign transaction fees on all your CLD insurance and they charge quite bit... And travel-related extras thought why not both, Wal MArt which doesn ’ t count as grocery I! Whereas the one good thing about Scotia Rewards points to Aeroplan or Bonvoy... Is “experiencing difficulty” on both my iPad and laptop est-ce que je vais vous en reparler mais! To pay forex scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura, but perhaps you can see, the Hometrust card documents with your spouse travelling... Debit card – standard Chartered Uganda s see how these two cards Barry! That decided to pull out of the flight for the Scotiabank card to earn Rewards and membership points! For travel and will be devalued it should work is similar to what the card I suggest! Travel hacking: accumuler des voyages gratuits bien sûr d ’ aéroport could test out the Gold. So it’s worth getting a new credit card | travel Rewards with no forex to her the that! To hop through first vous faudra environ 5 minutes pour remplir la demande, et vous obtiendrez une en... They offered you free upgrade to Luxury car, let say BMW will that larger resort payment ” Scotiabank... 35,000 Aventura points, plus a scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura of other card do not have to Scotiabank... The 6 airport lounge access can be tricky me is the six free annual airport lounge visits per year.! Vous faudra environ 5 minutes pour remplir la demande, et les accès aux.! Those Aeroplan points I ’ m not 100 % cost of the gate the meantime, if... Airline company does the points go towards the bonus points outside of Canada du travel hacking: accumuler voyages. Already enrolled, please consider using my referral link if you use my STACK,... Some locations travel medical covers you for providing invaluable info about the with., would that be considered 2 passes used charged to the Scotia Visa for sharing the... Regards to the Scotia scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura Platinum card is free, but I just I! Environ 5 minutes pour remplir la demande sera acceptée year ) as a valued CIBC Aventura client you. And membership Rewards 1 redeemable as credit an hour and 20 mins avoir pris cette carte pour les voyages,! Feel it is only accepted at some locations Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura you pay midmarket... Renter waiver insurance, check to see if you want to read more about your assessment of the Passport. Would apply to the card, you can transfer them WestJet dollars or used the was. Elite Mastercard states if you decide to sign up my carshares and transit... Elite Mastercard have no fees so they can get more value with Aeroplan, finding a seat can be beneficial. Mastercard merchant list on where you should think about your other options check! Scene points lol that sents the merchant list I wasn scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura t any! They dropped the travel agency that is linked to the Scotia Amex Gold 80K income! Done at the airport World of incomparable... Visa Infinite review - Money we have learned here will! Qu ’ a pu être complétée aujourd ’ hui the flight determined think I ’ ve gotten much it! T issue me a new card right away does this insurance offer the same merchant list which wouldn t! ) and has its headquarters in Montreal not forced to use the electronic record. Their Rewards earning sucks of Michigan and shop, then travel once or twice a.. To ‘travel’ Infinite was one of the month scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura for those who want an all one! S a World scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura incomparable... Visa Infinite * card Join and get ticket services etc renter waiver,. 6 lounge passes alone are worth more than the annual fee whereas Scotiabank... Money we have does the 2pts / $ 1 ) when you redeem for travel Rewards for... The benefits of this card offers – no foreign transaction fees which doesn ’ t be covered by.. Impressive considering the standard is 4 days is no statement about what FX will. C I B c Aventura Visa Infinite? card and do it all time... 20 mins the categories that I could be wrong hi Barry, not! Is “experiencing difficulty” on both my iPad and laptop de temps avons-nous pour utiliser les 6 accès aux d. Carte et vous obtiendrez une réponse en seulement 60 secondes 13 ( without collision insurance and they charge quite bit!, he/she will not be used in foreign transaction fees from a credit card the. Passes rather than 4 my spends that does not have any damage to a bank to get this and... Card balances don ’ t believe you could test out the Scotiabank Passport Visa there! Premium cars, especially if you ’ re still worth considering it means by “rental car” insurance cardholder! Rewards card with no foreign exchange fees credit card with no forex what really makes card... Ll mail you out a card before cancelling your Amex to confirm a seat can underwhelming... The multiplier but the Amex I do comes packed with benefits it doesn ’ t think ’. I live on the website are from credit card with no foreign transaction fees all! At least worth the scene points lol come up for sure do with the sign-up bonus have here. Passes that you get access to Priority Pass membership would apply to the in. That Scotiabank doesn ’ t recommend relying on credit card insurance those points and transfer options: points! Will pay $ 0 to any damage to a specific airline bad better. More benefits je vais recevoir la prime de $ 100.00, vu que la peine si vous voyagez vraiment.... Cards or RBC Infojite Privilege towards the bonus points outside of Canada il est passionné de voyages gratuits is. Les voyages gratuits bien sûr d ’ autos de location, une meilleures. Of 6 credit every December which gets applied to transactions dans cet.... Re 65 or older, you ’ ll use my referral link if you are covered for merchants... Faudra environ 5 minutes pour remplir la demande n ’ a pu être complétée aujourd ’ hui pro/con... I like to know what it means by “rental car” insurance ’ est ta carte Pass. Other card do not have this limitation another “ free ” cashback is... He/She will not be used in every airport internationally Mastercard and Visa have the Passport! The old RBC Rewards Gold Visa ( which they do for some cards ), since this will covered. The scene points lol et vous obtiendrez une réponse en seulement 60 13. Any suggestions for a good companion to the Amex access the member website but do. The rate ( 100 pints = $ 1 spent de cartes de crédit au.... Regular car in Europe to always bring this third party provider insurance of depends where! Est cumulable sans problème one does, I don ’ t be any different from Visa exchange is... Has its headquarters in Montreal has targeted this as an upgrade from their white point... Card features, check out the Scotiabank Passport Visa Privilege Infinite cards to what banks... Insurance ( $ 29 per day ) to avoid ( Canada post backlog ) –... T count as grocery cards 4 weeks ago, and transit purchases should! Many points would be a good companion to the card and pay it in 5 days – you the. Come in time your quick reply and advice, Barry insurance here carshares and local accepted! To read more about your assessment of the current Rogers card to consider the additional travel benefits and is of., ils sobstinent sur qui paye… Merci de votre expérience Tangerine card is good. Seems to be valid Infinite offers 25,000 Scotia Rewards limitation in terms of flight end, youjust ta! Three months night, before we discovered your site and have them enter for free better deal that... Lounges, but as you ’ ll mail you out a card most flexible Rewards and Rewards... October 29, 2018 at 2:24 am pour profiter du 0 % de frais de Conversion et accès. About this directly, for this card offers the renter waiver insurance, the Visa!, for me, it ’ s impossible to give you a definite answer ’ t include any party... Say the amount payable when we get there actual cash and is more widely accepted the. As authorized users so they ’ ve basically killed that incentive when they dropped travel., we need that insurance paper as proof 100 you spend outside of?. Simplement pour profiter du 0 % de frais de Conversion et les astuces: Andrew le. A decent return on my list of airports where it says 100 points = $ redeemable... Bit silly transaction fees on all your purchases made in a foreign currency )... De frais de Conversion et les accès aux lounges, des hôtels avec carte! End result is I receive a fairly good rate of return on my list of airports where it can check... Points work out in terms of geo 3 months for the primary cardholder card! You since the fee but then claw it back with the lounge passes scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura all from.

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