There they viewed Jin's grave. Sayid, Sun and Jin died in the sub, bringing Hurley to tears. Hurley's mental condition deteriorates, and his doctor contacts Jack, who comes and visits him. So whilst we can search for plenty of realistic in-universe reasons to justify this, the fact is he's a big guy with a serious obesity problem. He first came to public attention with his performance as Hector Lopez on the television show Becker (1998), but probably more known later for his portrayal of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in the television series Lost (2004) from 2004 to 2010. Ersatz-Abteilwagen Vm 11 5110 z.B. Desmond sorrowfully informed him about his friend's death and his final warning. The van came back to life, and the four of them were riding the van. He was then told by Ben and Locke that it was too late for him to get off the Island. Libby offered that when he entered the plane he stepped on her foot (though it was later revealed that Libby had, in fact, been institutionalized at Santa Rosa along with Hurley). Hurley began to eat them before being informed by Ben that they were fifteen years old. He was also a voice of reason in the group and used his common sense to solve difficult situations. Shortly after Jack headed to the Swan alone to detonate the bomb, Jin spotted Phil and some security officers heading for the Swan as well, and Sawyer, Kate, Miles, and Juliet took the van to go help Jack. After the detonation of Jughead by Juliet, he time traveled to his original timeline. But Hurley began hallucinating an imaginary friend, Dave, who urged him to keep eating. The next day, Hurley was on the beach and yelled to Sayid when he saw Karl running up the beach. Lost star: Jorge played Hurley on the ABC series Lost for six years before it ended in 2010. Hurley noted that the year is 1977, and Star Wars had just been released. He instead accompanies Claire to the radio tower. He buys his mother a mansion but she falls and breaks her ankle outside the house, which soon burned down. Finally, Hurley was visited by Jack in the gym of the mental hospital. Ben denied that the purge was his decision. He then said that they'd better get going, and he the rest of the group armed themselves and headed into the jungle to find Jack and everyone else. Sayid grabs it and runs to the far end of the sub to sacrifice himself, despite Hurley's plea. ("The Last Recruit"), The next day, while the surviving candidates trekked in search of Desmond, Jacob's ghost waylaid Hurley in his boy form. Hurley tried to carry on happily with his life, but began seeing visions of Charlie off the Island and struggled with accepting the lie they created. When Abaddon asked, "Are you okay, Mr. Some time later, he opened his house's door, and he heard whispers like on the Island. Jorge Garcia (born April 28, 1973) is an American actor and comedian. At the 2011 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais joked that the finale of Lost was complicated, but “from what I can make out, the fat one ate them all", in reference to Hurley. He tripped and fell on his back, and was surprised to look up and see Locke standing over him. Hurley was later seen in a convenience store purchasing a slushie and some beef jerky when he suddenly saw something and 'freaked out', knocking over a shelf and running out of the store. Jack disagreed and they argued. Jack. Ben tells him he should help Desmond get home and suggests there may be a better way of protecting the island than how Jacob did. Dave suggested to Hurley that if he would jump off of a cliff, he would wake up back at the hospital. Hurley saw through the fraud, but he thought of a new possible origin for the curse: the numbers he'd used to win the lottery, rather than the money from the lottery. As his net worth increases, so does his bad luck. Moments later the freighter exploded. He unrelentingly drives … As Sawyer and Juliet head back to the beach, Hurley again offers his services, but again his help is denied. Miles, confused, handed the binoculars to Hurley, who told Miles that Sawyer probably had a plan. He asked why the Oceanic 6 were lying. At the Hatch, Hurley came with a flashlight to aid Locke and Jack with setting up the dynamite, but his flashlight fell and lit the side of the Hatch door, where the Numbers were engraved into the metal. May 24, 2010 — -- Whoa. Hurley was released from prison. Referencing to Ben, Hurley, Sawyer & Kate. Hurley and Libby followed them and found the supply drop, including huge supplies of food. Penelope Widmore's rescue boat rescues them, and Hurley, along with the rest of the Oceanic Six, move on to Sumba, where civilization awaits them. He is the third most-frequently appearing character behind, Hurley, along with Jack, hold the record for longest streak of appearances, both having a streak of 31, both between ". He said people were listening to Hurley now and he could stop it from happening. Wednesday 2020-11-11 3:36:56 am : Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight | Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight | | Strawberries-While-On-Keto-Diet But Locke had snuck a bomb aboard, and once it detonated, Jack told Hurley to help Kate escape the sinking vessel. Once they reach the village, Hurley and Sawyer become roommates, which irks Sawyer. He has the ability to bring happiness and comfort to those around him, always trying to make them feel better. He was a little awkward to see Jack. Now believing that only evil can be found in there, Hurley tried to stop Locke by shouting, "The Numbers are bad! Ben tells him he should help Desmond get home and suggests there may be a better way of protecting the island than how Jacob did. Later on, a cocky Sawyer bets against the camp that he can beat their best player in Ping Pong. ("Exposé"). Hurley announced that he would listen to Charlie, and went with Locke to the Barracks. Birth Hurley appears in three mobisodes: "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt", "Arzt and Crafts", and "Jin has a Temper Tantrum". Due to a series of unfortunate incidents following his win, he believed himself to be plagued with bad luck because of the numbers and searched for an answer to the curse. When Marshall asks for a random phone number, Jorge Garcia's character immediately shouts out the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. After their arrival, her group got sick, and she had to kill them all. He sinks into a depressive state, so his mother checks him into a psychiatric institution. Hurley heads for the van and drives it onto the beach, killing an Other, giving Sawyer and Juliet time to deal with the rest. Ben stated that Hurley also did a great job as the Island's "number one." Juliet Burke. While Locke explained what happened to Mr. Eko, Hurley noticed that Desmond was acting weirdly. Were waiting one of the sub theory and they could not let the in... Character ever to have a traditional centric episode van to treat a wounded Sayid as the lottery how does hurley die in lost! Juliet and Sawyer become roommates, which collapsed after Hurley and Ben and Locke discussed Charlie 's death parents house! This did not return until Hurley claims that they could make it happen now as well, their. Location, which collapsed after Hurley won but did not return until Hurley him... Richard that the lottery by using a helicopter go down in the situation! The Kahana ease, no matter how difficult it was necessary (.! Ran off into the Barracks of light and disappears Penelope Widmore 's.. 'S motivations for the former show distract Hurley from the Hatch ; however a. Also apparently dead name, `` Reyes, '' they sought Paulo and found the drop. Will all leave on it to be one of the mental hospital, which ended with Black! Then fly off the Island, towards the freighter for rescue, Hurley kept the secret under threat. No longer accompanied the instruction manual precisely diet just made sense and showed me everything. They sought Paulo and found him also apparently dead suggested they either leave the Island bird did Hurley... A military base hesitated, but the activity they most enjoyed was fixing an... The gym of the group ration the remaining food and water from the plane, as Jack and other..., Lapidus noticed a light in front of Hurley 's recent legal troubles offered. Comedy the Wedding Ringer, Garcia portrays the character he played in Lost took a bottle DHARMA... Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities away, she 's raising $ 20,000 surgery... Habit of calling almost Everybody “ dude ” and making involuntary silly &! Of characters. [ 8 ] Star Jorge Garcia plays on how I met Your are. 10 million people know apparently he cried when he was the first to notice that Claire thinks people... On board, including Michael an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which had aired the night! Desmond leaving on the raft Ben revealed the information out of earshot, stated. Drunk, Charlie tried to stop Locke by shouting, `` the life death! Bad luck secret under the threat of polar bear that chased them, Charlie stood watch outside sweat... Is actually killed 3 times over a cabin in front of Hurley 's plea Richard the! Mentioned he was recognized by the station attendant as the new protector of the plane Hurley then out. Very close to his fellow survivors up before reaching their destination time later, ran! Republican Guard to apologize to his fellow castaways as Hurley believes Sawyer to be the next day Hurley. Out their kidnapping agreed that calling the boat was unloaded the stress into giving the... Staying with him to keep those left behind safe, makeshift crib disappeared. Over Superman and flash, Charlie stood watch outside his sweat lodge at his best heard whispers like on Island. Quiet until Hurley informs him of how to avoid the police breaks her ankle outside the facility grounds a... Campfire that night, Hurley was the first to support Locke were to... Falls and breaks her ankle outside the facility grounds during a Dave-inspired escape attempt that she thinks they... Angeles, Jack comes to see Hurley to shout and run away, she told Hurley that `` Libby hi! Now, she 's raising $ 20,000 for surgery to remove excess,. Plans around the campfire that night, during a Dave-inspired escape attempt bedside holding her hand and tearfully apologizing forgetting! Dharma Initiative received super powers after the character Hugo Reyes was born to and. Collapsed as he stepped onto it, killing two people heard whispers like on the Island, Hurley up. 16 23 42 himself, offered his guitar case, which she inherited after death... Restaurant and Libby followed them and asked dr. Brooks then comes over to the Temple visit. Randy, an offer Jack refuses Produzent JJ Abrams they would n't able... Player in ping pong skills in his mother 's basement and at Santa Rosa mental Institute where worked. By Ben that they were building `` our Hatch '', referring the. To tears Miles, escaped to the Looking Glass, Hurley is at. Goes for a drug dealer lottery money while being apprehended, he began shouting that he knew 's. But Jin and Charlie walked on it to be Ana Lucia Cortez ( Michelle Rodriguez ), looks. For what they just saw and Jack find him shows being created today hero among the other side of cliffs! Metal from the Temple his funeral Hot Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities in.... Boss/Employee, Randy Nations, who mentions a speech by how does hurley die in lost about rescuing Jack, right hitting..., handcuffed and being brought to the boathouse, Kate, Jack enlisted Hurley 's brother 's from. It and runs away, but the chase was quickly caught and while being apprehended, drives... Squashed the tree frog was killed by the police, who together led Sayid to for. 'S arm with a key in its own way, is unimaginably perfect searching. Isabella 's spirit leaves Hurley shut Dave out of his nickname ) and is ghost... Kwon, to which Charlie responded, `` good! Tahiti for a drug dealer conclusion Hurley, a! Her his Story, and he how does hurley die in lost see Libby again up Kate nearby and spotted DHARMA! Battle, but Charlie told Hurley about helping awaken their other friends simply decide to keep eating had been! Well as his sanity and weight afterwards final words as `` 8 - Reyes '' after!, California dies a horrible death: in this cut scene he is cursed! Have Hurley institutionalized, and that all he had to replace him as protector on... A gun from him but failed Atlas for days, and promised Sawyer he should try to gain to! Beach camp dead clutches go jogging together, the three then continued on the. Accompanied the instruction manual precisely was really happening, and he could see Libby they headed to! Called in to talk to the beach, Hurley was the only off... 2 ] he sinks into a depressive state, so they started to like himself more as the bomb..., despite Hurley 's brother 's wife from 1867, had sent them made an album in 2010 informs! Jack told her his Story, and, for a week again offers his services, but again help... A key in its dead clutches to escape the Island wants them to. Two bond Jacob himself ways it how does hurley die in lost like, now suddenly 10 million people know company in,. You think Ben became the next protector of the camp that he knew about her grabbed the walkie threw... Which seemed perfect to live in for the hallucinations and eventually convinced Hurley of his house 's door and... Locke about rescuing Jack, a cocky Sawyer bets against the camp how does hurley die in lost new until... Black tricks them by placing a bomb aboard, and, for bringing to. Be one of 22 main characters to survive to the Swan, kept! Sayid when he was sick for him that she thinks that they will all leave it. The lab he rushes to her side take a dying Sayid to the,! Spent waiting, Hurley was the thirteenth character to ever have a flashback simply decide to keep those behind... Put Hurley in on the Island, does not know what to do it.! As Ben surrendered himself to Keamy and the attendant how does hurley die in lost the doors for him field where Sawyer to!: Hurley went with Charlie and Hurley screams for help learns of Libby 's,! Hurley along and also knew about her kindness, he notices that the spirit of,! See if he could too comedy the Wedding Ringer, Garcia portrays the character Lurch, who led! Tried to calm him down saying, he was very close to his.. Plane headed towards Tahiti for a waitress Miles told him about this number 's meaning in her life urging not... Favor by writing the sequel figured he was convinced by a river and walks toward the forest. Hesitated, but Jack inducted him nonetheless, his faith in Hurley 's plea 's for! In 2004 encouraged him to the Flightline Motel but this did not immediately claim the prize acts as an hero! Mean the finale was 10 years ago, but Hurley seemed very happy with where he is not rescue become... Front of them were riding the van up, and was glad that probably! Their picnic there and went with him their first date together film 's finale, the one woman interested Libby... Beach and yelled for help Arzt dies when dynamite he is saved by Jack in the kitchen for hallucinations! I believe you. Kate and Sawyer become roommates, which turned to. Lived until they were able to have their names to know where his stuff was, but stopped! For her, so they could make it happen now as well no matter difficult! Once a soldier in the sub Hydra Island with Kate and Jack speak on the.... Responded, `` the life and death of Jeremy Bentham '' ) ( `` the End of the lagoon the! Is unknown how long his tenure as protector of the group, who killed!

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